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I am blessed with a simple mind and active imagination. Getting a rickety thing off the ground is more my superpower than creating the perfect rocket ship. I am a workaday automaton whose programming is more R2D2 than C3P0. On my own time I am a writer, researcher, composter, and tinkerer. I like being a father/dad to my two teenage kids. I am drawn to the chaos and wisdom of kids in general. They are my puzzles, my energy transfer stations, and my muses. Every person is my teacher.  

I am a strong, confident, independent, sensuous, articulate, curious, quirky, intelligent, sensitive, intuitive, self-aware creature all wrapped up in an x-small package. I believe in writing in ink, crossing out, and making a mess because the mess is the fun. Starting over on a fresh clean sheet of paper, sometimes after even just one word, is called for from time to time as well. Be it crooked or confused or careful or conscious, all stumbles and crumbles are valid and precious. 


Our Prior Lives

taught us a few tough lessons about life & love

Gratitude and a Sense of Self & Purpose

I emerged from a loveless and broken marriage with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. When I held the keys to my new apartment in my hand, they literally glowed as golden metaphors of my newfound freedom. My life felt simpler; my mind felt clearer. Old problems with finances, parenting, and other disagreements rooted in my marriage didn't trouble me the way they used to. For the first time in years, I felt functional and whole. My new home became an island of tranquility for myself and my kids, and I felt thankful for emerging from a state of confusion...to a greater sense of self and purpose...without the self-consuming bitterness that often comes with separation.


The Gift Inside the Wound

Homeless and heartbroken when my husband left me to live as a celibate monk, I embarked on a six-month cross-country trek. Guided by my new friend Grief, I met Strength and Vulnerability in the warm sunshine of Florida. Grief drove while I took the back seat with Solitude along the windy highways of the east coast. I met Perspective in a sky-rise view in New York and danced with Grace in a sacred bay in Maui. I was welcomed into the guest bedrooms and at the dining tables of family and friends, including a breast cancer survivor, a Vietnam vet, a therapy dog, a transgender man, a dominatrix, and more. I learned that home is not a place but a feeling, love is not an emotion but a state of being, and wounds are not curses, but rather, precious gifts of life.


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