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5 Love Practices to Keep Romance Alive

Tip-toeing into love (the second time around) after being burned and broken through the throes of divorce can be a trepidatious process that makes you feel like a triceratops with extra hardened horns. When the ink is dry on the divorce, you likely feel both an intense sense of relief and an overwhelming burden of regret. While you want to love again, and feel those happy bubbles of what love can be like after, it's not uncommon to be overly-cautious and careful.

Having both had prior lives where we know we made many mistakes, Hobbit and I want to be extra mindful in how we treat each other so as to keep our hearts happy, our love healthy, and our connection strong. We both know how love and marriage can be hard, and how divorce and break-up made everything harder.

But we both agreed, love shouldn't be hard.

In our first two years together, we discovered we were mindful about doing little things for and with each other every day. We realized that when we added up a bunch of tiny little things, that we do regularly and consistently, LOVE IS EASY! When we stopped doing these things, the relationship becomes work. But these little things are fun, and flavorful, and full of warm fuzzies. They are easy and pleasurable to do. So why not prioritize them!

Morning Messages

Affirmation & Encouragement

Morning Messages are a modern day version of the old-fashioned love note. As a couple, we both lead busy career-lives. While Hobbit toils away in a non-descript grey building working as an automaton for state government, I spend my days working with clients and writing away in coffee shops. While apart from each other, sometime in the morning (or afternoon) whilst we are apart, we take the time to drop a text or email, a little love bomb, to each other just to say we are thinking of each other. Sometimes, when I leave for a couple days writing retreat, I leave post-it note messages sprinkled on odd places around the house for Hobbit to find while I'm away. These notes don't need to be long. In fact, the shorter ones are usually the more powerful ones. We post samples on our Instagram Feed if you would like to see some ideas. If you are not the creative type, or writer's block bumbles your mumbles, feel free to steal ours. We don't mind sharing.

Bubble Time

Bubble Time is the sacred one-on-one time to connect and communicate.


Bubble Bumping


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